Basic Occupational Health and Safety and Industrial Hygiene

Managers and supervisors those with health and safety responsibilities need to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses and to develop a safety culture in the workplace. One of some program they need to develop is Industrial Hygiene program. Industrial Hygiene is the science of anticipating, recognizing, evaluating and controlling workplace conditions that may cause worker injury or illness. Industrial hygienists use environmental monitoring and analytical methods to detect the extent of worker exposure and employ engineering, work practice controls, and other methods to control potential health hazards.ystems. Industrial hygienists analyze, identify and measure workplace hazards or stressors that can cause sickness, impaired health or significant discomfort in workers through chemical, physical, ergonomic or biological exposures. Two roles of the Industrial hygienists are to spot those conditions and help eliminate or control them through appropriate measures.

Course Content :
•    Introduction to health and safety.
•    Safety principles and risk management.
•    Legislation
•    Hazard recognition and control
•    Emergency preparedness
•    Program development and implementation e.g. Ergonomics, etc.
•    History of Industrial (Occupational) Hygiene
•    Occupational Exposure Limits
•    Personal and Area Air Sampling
•    Noise Exposure Evaluation
•    General and Local Exhaust Ventilation
•    Heat Stress Evaluation
•    Illumination Evaluation
•    Chemical Hygiene Plan
•    Etc.

Who should attend?
Anyone interested in improving health and safety and productivity will benefit from attending this program, including:
•    Health and Safety Committee members
•    Managers, supervisors and worker
•    Facility managers
•    Human resources managers
•    Senior managers
•    Others with health and safety responsibilitie

Dr. Abdul Baktiansyah,MKK

He has experienced in Occupational Health& Safety and Industrial Hygiene for almost 30 years. He was graduated from Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University in 1979 and Master of Science in Occupational Medicine, University of Indonesia in 2004. He started his career as Occupational Health practicioner at PT. Ekspan Kalimantan, he later became Chief Medical Officer and then Occupational Health & Industrial Hygiene Coordinator at PT. Medco Energy. His Expertise and experienced give him a very broad perspectives in handling any issues related to Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene.

Jadwal Training Industrial Hygiene 2014

  • Bandung, 28 – 30 Januari 2014
  • Jakarta, 12 – 14 Mei 2014
  • Bandung, 7 – 9 Oktober 2014

Investasi Training Industrial Hygiene :

Pendaftaran per peserta                                                            Rp. 5.999.000,-
Pendaftaran & Pelunasan 2 minggu sebelum training                Rp. 5.749.000,-
Modul Training yang berkualitas (hardcopy dan softcopy), Training Kit: Goodie Bag, Tshirt, Agenda, Flashdisk, Lokasi training yg nyaman di hotel berbintang empat / lima, Makan Siang, coffee / tea break, Sertifikat, Foto bersama seluruh peserta training industrial hygiene.
Gratis orang ke 5, untuk pendaftaran 4 orang dari satu perusahaan

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