Confined Space Entry Course

There are confined spaces in many industrial workplaces. We are concerned that many of these confined spaces pose unique problems due to their contents and/or configuration. Some confined spaces, for example, pose entrapment hazards for entrants, while others restrict air circulation so that hazardous atmospheres may accumulate. Confinement itself can increase the risk of injury or death by making employees work closer to hazards than they would otherwise. Accident investigators have long recognized and directed employer and employee attention to the special dangers of confined spaces.
• Why Comply???? Confined space entry is a leading cause of occupational fatalities in our country.
• Statistics. US Standard covers 240,000 workplaces and 12.2 million workers. Workers make 4,8 million entries/year. Standard may prevent 85% of fatalities and nearly 11,000 injuries

Given the information and exercises in this confined space entry course, you will be able:
• Recognize of hazards which may exist in permit-required confined spaces.
• Know how to measure of hazards
• Steps in developing a permit-required confined space program.
• Application of alternative procedures and permit system

Confined space entry
• What is a confined space?
• Potential hazards in confined space.
• Entry, IDLH, Entrant, Attendant, Entry supervisor
• Responsible person, Two options for entering confined space
• Permit – required confined space entry procedure
• Non – permit confined space entry procedure
• Types of personal protective equipment
• Contractor confined space entry
• Attendant responsibilities & Entrant responsibilities
• Supervisor responsibilities & Rescuer responsibilities
2. Confined space ventilation
• Introduction & When to ventilate,
• Atmospheric testing, Ventilation systems
• Ventilation safety, Effective ventilation, Summary & Quiz
3. Temperature and humidity.
• Body heat balance, The comfort zone & The discomfort zone
4. Demonstrate atmosphere testing
5. Demonstrate using protective equipment
6. Confined space entry permit and procedures

Manager K3/ staff K3, Inspector LK3, HSE Manager/ Engineer/ Supervisor, Plant Manager, Maintenance Manager/ Engineer,Process facility manager/ Engineer, Field manager/ engineer, The other person who interested in

14 hours effective ( 2 days)

Senior Consultant PT. Phitagoras Global Duta

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