Construction Safety Design and Management Course

The construction safety and health professional must know both the risks involved in construction and those posed by the environment of the work site. That’s why they should to attend this construction safety course

Objectives of Construction Safety Course
• To create an awareness and understanding of the Construction Safety Design and Management.
• To provide you with the skills to do :
1. Eliminate hazards
2. Reduce risks when hazards cannot be eliminated
3. Provide warning devices
4. Develop and implement procedures and training
5. Engineering controls

Construciton Safety Course Agenda
• When does CDM apply?
• Notification of a Construction Project on Form – F10
• The Pre-Tender Stage Health and Safety Plan
• Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan
• CDM – The Role of the Client
• CDM – The Role of the Planning Supervisor
• CDM – The Role of the Designer
• CDM – The Role of The Principal Contractor
• CDM – The Roles of Contractors and The Self-Employed
• The Health and Safety File
• Electrical construction & Fall protection construction
• Crane Construction & Excavation construction
• Stair ladders construction & Power tools construction
• Scaffolds construction & Material handling construction
• PPE construction

Manager K3/ staff K3, Inspector LK3, HSE Manager/ Engineer/ Supervisor, Plant Manager, Maintenance Manager/ Engineer,Process facility manager/ Engineer, Field manager/ engineer, The other person who interested in

14 hours effective ( 2 days)


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