Seminar Protecting Workers in Health Care Facilities

Health care facilities present workers with a myriad of potential health and safety hazards. Compared with the total civilian workforce, hospital workers have a greater percentage of suffering from sprains and strains, infectious and parasitic diseases, dermatitis, hepatitis, mental disorders, eye diseases, influenza, and toxic hepatitis. Although much of the information here was obtained from studies conducted in hospitals, it can also be applied to health care workers in other settings, including outpatient clinics, nursing homes, acute care centers, physicians’ and dentists’ office, blood banks, and private residences.

The specific objectives of this course were enable you to :
o Understand factors that influence the health and safety in the health care facilities.
o Prevent the health care workers from accidents and Occupational Illness;
o Understand to implement Occupational Health Management Programme in the health care facilities;
o Understand how to avoid nosocomial infection (“hospital acquired infection”) in the health care facilities;
o Identify methods to decrease medical errors (patient safety);
o Promote education and training for health care workers to improve workplace health.

1. Roles and Responsibility
2. Occupational Injury and Illness Among Hospital Workers
3. Developing Hospital Safety and Health Programs
4. Recommended Guidelines for Controlling Safety Hazards
5. Recommended Guidelines for Controlling Infectious Diseases
6. Recommended Guidelines for Controlling Non- Infectious Hazards
7. Hazardous Waste Disposal
8. Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Nosocomial Infections
9. Patient Safety: Preventing Medical Errors

Courses are aimed at workers, supervisors, managers, health and safety committee members, health and safety representatives, Human Resources (HR) professionals, industrial hygienists, occupational health and safety physician / nurses and others with an interest in studying of occupational health and safety problems in the health care setting.

14 hours effectif (2 days)

Dr. Abdul Baktiansyah,MKK
He has experienced in Occupational Health& Safety and Industrial Hygiene for almost 30 years. He was graduated from Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University in 1979 and Master of Science in Occupational Medicine, University of Indonesia in 2004. He started his career as Occupational Health practicioner at PT. Ekspan Kalimantan, he later became Chief Medical Officer and then Occupational Health & Industrial Hygiene Coordinator at PT. Medco Energy. His Expertise and experienced give him a very broad perspectives in handling any issues related to Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene.

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