International Course on Exposure Assessment of Hazardous Chemicals

International Workshop:
Advanced Course on Exposure Assessment of Hazardous Chemicals

in the Work Environment

Practical Tools for HSE Professionals

In short we want to present a few very practical tools in a 2-day training.

Day 1
– Introduction – Risk assessment of chemicals in the workplace (basic principles)
– “Expert system EASE”: computer program that allows assessment of the concentration of chemicals in the work environment, with easily obtainable input data (note: tool is developed by HSE in the United Kingdom)

Day 2
– “IHSTAT” – excel worksheet that enables statistical analyses of occupational hygiene measurement data and compliance testing (with occupational exposure limits). This tools is developed by AIHA (American Industrial Hygiene Association)
– “COSHH Essentials” – is a very practical tool that is available on the internet. This tool enables HSE professionals to select adequate control measures for chemical exposure reduction in the workplace. This tool is also developed by the Health and Safety Executive in the United kingdom.

Its is a true workshop during which the participants will spend about 50% of the training on practical exercises.  Participants are invited to bring exposure data / measurement reports to the training.

– To get familiar with the Expert system EASE (day 1) we will ask the participants to estimate the concentration of hazardous chemicals in the workplace and compare the estimates with their own measurement results.
– Exposure data will be used for very practical statistical analyses with the Excel-worksheet IHSTAT.
– The COSHH Essentials-tool will be used to select appropriate control measures for the workplaces, where participants have conducted exposure measurements.

Each participant will receive hand-outs of the presentations and practical exercises.  The software (Expert system EASE and IHSTAT)  and relevant reports/publications and background information will be delivered on CD/DVD by IndusTox.

HSE professionals that are interested in chemical hazards, exposure and risk assessment; e.g. occupational hygienists, safety engineers, occupational physicians

14 hours effectif (2 days)

Qualifications of trainers
Joost van Rooij – PhD (toxicologist – EUROTOX registered; occupational hygienist (NVvA-member);
He is a Consultant and co-director of IndusTox Consult (The Netherland based Company) since April 1994.  IndusTox Consult is a highly specialized consulting firm in the field of industrial hygiene, environmental hygiene, risk assessment and risk control of chemical compounds in industries (see for more information:

–  Daan Huizer – Msc (Occupational hygienist (NVvA member)

Experience/IndusTox workshops:
IndusTox Consult has more than 15 years experience with workshops/trainings for HSE professionals.
Examples of workshops that we have developed and organised or still organise, are:
“Expert system EASE – practical tool for exposure assessment for chemicals in the work environment” (since 1996)
“Skin Perm – Practical tool for dermal exposure assessment”
“Biological monitoring of Chemicals in the workplace” (since 2002)
“COSHH Essentials (since 2004) – tool for selection of appropriate control measures
“Diesel Motor Emissions – Tool for exposure assessment” (since 2007)


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Fee per participant Euro 280
Including: Training Kit, Lunch, Refreshments and Certificate

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